Step By Step: Install Oracle 11g R2 Grid Infrastructure on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 (32 bit) Platform.

By Bhavin Hingu


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Get ready with the RAC Architecture Diagram and RAC Setup Information about Cluster Name, SCAN Name, SCAN VIPs, Node Names, VIPs, and Inventory Location.


3-Node RAC Architecture:



Public Name

Private  Name

VIP Name

RAC Node1


RAC Node2


RAC Node3









Cluster Name: lab

Public Network:

Private network:




Grid Infrastructure Software (Clusterware + ASM

Server: All the RAC Nodes

ORACLE_BASE: /u01/app/grid

ORACLE_HOME:  /u01/app/grid11201

Owner: grid (Primary Group: oinstall, Secondary Group: asmadmin, asmdba)

Permissions: 755

OCR/Voting Disk Storage Type: ASM

Oracle Inventory Location: /u01/app/oraInventory


Start the runInstaller from Grid Infrastructure Software Location:


[grid@node1 grid]$ /home/grid/11gR2_for_OEL5/grid11201/grid/runInstaller


Grid Infrastructure installation process:


Installation Option:

 Install and Configure Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster

Installation Type:

Advanced Installation

Product Language:


Grid Plug and Play:

Cluster Name: lab

SCAN Name:

SCAN Port: 1521

Configure GNS: Unchecked

            Cluster Node Information:

Entered the Hostname and VIP names of the Cluster Nodes.

Checked the SSH connectivity

Network Interface Usage:

OUI picked up all the interfaces correctly. I did not have to make any changes here.

Storage Option:

Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

Create ASM Disk Group:

Disk Group Name: GIS_FILES

Redundancy: External

Candidate Disk: ORCL:DSK01

ASM Password:

Use Same Password for these accounts. (Ignored password warnings.)

Failure Isolation:

Do not use Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)

Operating System Groups:

ASM Database Administrator (OSDBA) Group: asmdba

ASM Instance Administrator Operator (OSOPER) Group: oinstall

ASM Instance Administrator (OSASM) Group: asmadmin

Installation Location:

Oracle Base: /u01/app/grid

Software Location: /u01/app/grid11201

Create Inventory:

Inventory Directory: /u01/app/oraInventory

Prerequisite Checks:

Ignored the failures of NTP check to use Oracle’s CTSS.  All the 3 nodes’ clock was set to same time before the installation.

Summary Screen:

Verified the information here and pressed “Finish” to start installation.


At the End of the installation, the two scripts needs to be executed as root user.





After the successful completion of these scripts, the 11g R2 High Availability Service (CRS, CSS and EVMD) should all be up and running.

Verify the status of the installation using below set of commands.


crsctl check cluster –all

crs_stat –t –v

crsctl check ctss


The GSD and OC4J resources are by default disabled. Enable GSD them if 9i Database is managed by this cluster.


srvctl enable nodeapps –g

srvctl start nodeapps –n node1

srvctl start nodeapps –n node2

srvctl start nodeapps –n node3

srvctl enable oc4j

srvctl start oc4j



Here is the Screenshots of the Grid Infrastructure Installation:



With the Successful installation of 11g R2 Grid Infrastructure (11.2.01), Next is to install 11g R2 RAC (database software and create a RAC database.


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